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Pupils in Miss Duckworth's Class have been using all of their Problem-Solving and Teamwork skills in their final session in the Forest School. First, they had to use verbal communication in the form of animal noises, to find all the animals in their group. After that, they worked in teams to build a raft large enough to carry all team members. They had to consider everyone in their team and make sure that each member had a role. Two pupils in each team had to work joined together with wristbands. One team member was deaf, so the team had to use non-verbal communication so that the deaf person was fully involved in the challenge. Another team member had a 'broken collarbone' and the team had to apply a sling to ensure that their team member's arm was supported. We finished with a game of Run the Gauntlet, where the King's Men had to try to hit one of the 'runners' with the 'yellow boulders'.

Forest School King for this session was Elliot Sparks and the Forest School Queen was Scarlet Scott.