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Pupils in Y3/4W and Y4/5R have been developing their knowledge of knots and understanding of how knots can be used in SURVIVAL. We have been learning how to secure a Figure of 8 knot, a Sheet Bend knot and a Tautline Hitch knot. We learned how the Figure of 8 knot is often used by sailors and climbers but we used it to tie to an object and lift or pull a heavy load. We fastened short ropes together to make a much longer length of rope using the Sheet Bend knot. We learned that the Tautline Hitch knot can be used to secure shelters and tents and is easily adjusted to fasten around a pole or tree.

Forest School Kings and Queens for this session were:

Y3/4W - Harry Huggett & Lily Walker Knowles

Y4/5R - Jack Sparks, Nancy McEwan & Elsie Middleton