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Welcome to our Forest Schools home learning area!

 This week the activities go hand in hand with our Forest Schools curriculum and are plenty of fun to complete.

I would love to see your creations!

Spending time outdoors safely is a fantastic way of relaxing and enjoying the nature around us. smiley

EYFS- Animal Shelters

This week I would like you to make a shelter suitable for a small animal. You can use any resources from nature to build. You can use sticks, rocks and leaves for coverings. Think about how you can make your small shelter extra warm inside, how to hide it from predators and how to make sure its waterproof. What can you do to keep the animal you have chosen happy? Could you add berries or nuts to a food store for a squirrel? Dig into the ground to create an underground shelter for a mole? The possibilities are endless and could even end up being used by an animal in need of shelter!




This week our focus is 'Art in Nature' again. I would like you to create a piece of art that includes nature or has been made by using natural materials. You could choose to paint leaves and flowers a range of colours then lay them out onto paper or card. Press down on them firmly until the leaf of flower feels stuck. Finally peel back your item to reveal a print showing all the beautiful details the flower or leaf has. 


You can also use flowers, leaves, grass or mud to create your own paint or ink. Simply select some bright coloured items from nature, give them a squeeze or use a stone to squash them a little then soak them in water with a drop of vinegar. Leave your items for about 20 minutes. When you return you will have created your own paint that acts like watercolour.  Berries can make purple or red, dandelions make yellow and a variety of leaves can makes different shades of green. Try to paint a picture that shows the different flowers you used, using your very own hand made paint! Experiment with the different colours flowers and leaves make once soaked. Get creative!





Last week you were looking at the book 'The Borrowers' by Mary Norton. You can also use the film 'Tinkerbell' for inspiration for this task. Look at the tools they use or make. This week we are continuing this theme to make tools or shelter for your creature. Think about the special skills you selected for your creature. Do they need specialist equipment? If you selected a warrior fairy you could make some weapons for protection. A sharp stick for a spear, a nut shell for a shield or a small rope lasso made form twisted blades of grass.

Alternatively create a small suitable shelter for your creature. Use sticks as the base then work on how to decorate or camouflage it using leaves or branches. Once you have your shelter made think about what features you could add to make it more homely. A nice garden fence to create a path to the entrance, a swing set for those more adventurous or even a small swimming pool for pool parties. I would like you to be as resourceful as you can to create a home for your creature.


New Forest School

Since September we have had our fair share of terrible weather but this has not prevented our children (and staff) enjoying learning in the outdoors. We have been exploring and learning through the strands of 'Map Skills', 'Teamwork', 'Problem Solving', 'Survival Skills' and 'Art in Nature'. 


We have this year once again been nominated for a 'Green Hero Award' in Outdoor Education which could see our school walk away with yet another trophy to be proud of. We will find out on Friday 29th June so keep your fingers crossed. 

Our New Forest Schools shield designed by Charlie-Harding Bannon and created by Newground. What a fantastic design, well done Charlie!!!!

Please take a look at some of our lessons in action, plus a sneak peak of our after school New Forest Schools parent/child club. If you like the look of this club then pop along to the office for a letter. It will be running for the remainder of the year with tool making; teamwork, fire lighting, den building and much more. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend some time outside with your child/grandchild learning new skills.