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Pupils in Miss Richard's Class had fun solving riddles and using all of their teamwork and problem-solving skills to find the correct combinations to release their team's combination lock. The winning teams gained immunity to the Forest Trials and the remaining teams had to nominate one person to face the forest food and drink. Jaxon Ticehurst went first and bravely took on the 'Squirrel Blood'. He drank half a goblet which means he will be extremely good at climbing trees! Levi Pohrebienyk, was next and faced the 'Forest Grubs'. He managed to keep them on his tongue for quite a while and even took a bite but found chewing them a step too far! By this time, Josiah Mensah was definitely NOT ready to eat his 'Toad's Eyeballs'! He licked one but was overwhelmed at the thought of biting it in half!

Isabelle Emmett nominated herself for our final challenge which was the Forest Snake Water Challenge. A determined and extremely brave Isabelle rolled up her sleeve, put her had VERY slowly into the water and eventually pulled the star out from underneath the 5 snakes.

For bravery, resilience and superb teamwork; our Forest School King & Queen were Jaxon Ticehurst and Isabelle Emmett.