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Virtual Competitions

Thank you for checking out our Virtual Competitions page. This is where you can find details of Virtual Competitions, organised by Nathan Bibby and Rossendale School Sports Partnership. The great thing about the Virtual Competitions is that our pupils at home can take part as well as our pupils in school. I am looking forward to finding out how you all get on. So go on, give it a go!

Good Luck!

Mrs Carter.



The Gymnastics Competitions are for Key Stage 1 pupils, Key Stage 2 pupils who do not go to a Gymnastics Club and for Key Stage 2 pupils who are Club Gymnasts.

Please enter the competition that you are eligible for.

Remember to think about how you will move into and out of each action in the Gymnastic sequence and practice it lots of times so that you can improve it before you send your video entry to Nathan Bibby. Oh... and remember to point your toes and hold balances still for 3 seconds. This is your chance to shine!