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Admissions Policy


Our school follows the Lancashire Education Authority’s policy which ensures equality for all. We are able to admit up to 45 children in any one year group. If you wish your child to be admitted from another school please contact the school for more details or the local authority (link below).


New intake children are invited into the school for a series of pre-school visits. This provides the children with the opportunity to meet their new teacher and to experience the atmosphere of the classroom. A series of meetings are held each year for parents and carers of new intake children. These meetings explain how our school works and gives an excellent opportunity for first-hand experience – and for your questions to be answered.


Admission to Secondary School


Children leave Thorn to attend a variety of Secondary Schools in the area and every effort is made to ensure that the transfer of our Year 6 children is as smooth as possible.


In the Autumn Term, Year 6 parents, receive Lancashire’s guidance on Admissions to High Schools. The children are given the opportunity to experience taster days at the local secondary schools. All of the schools hold open evenings and parents are encouraged to attend these to gather information in order to make an informed decision. Year 6 children leave our school, fully equipped to benefit from their continuing education.