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Year 4/5

What a fantastic day! Year 4/5 visited the National Waterways museum in Ellesmere port. In class we have been learning all about how life has changed since 1066, on our trip we consolidated our learning by seeing how life was different on the waterways in the late 1900s. We experienced a boat trip on the canal and saw a demonstration of how the locks work.

Litter picking

Year 4/5 have been learning about the environment this term and had a visitor from Stackstead's countryside park group. As a class we learned how we can change our environment for the better. We are going to plan a litter pickup in our school to have a positive impact on our environment.
In RE, we discovered the real reason for pancake day (not just to eat yummy pancakes). We now understand all about Lent and Shrove Tuesday and why these events are so important to Christians. We used our school kitchen to cook pancakes. It was really fun!
In PSHE we learned all our how important sight is, how the eye works and what support there is for people that are blind or partially sighted. We did a task where we had to rely on help to negotiate our way around a course. We were not allowed to use our eyes, only our hearing.  We had to listen carefully to instructions from our partners. We discussed how difficult life would be if we couldn't use our eyes. We also learned about charities that raise money to develop research into blindness related illnesses.

Where in the world is Atlantis? In literacy we discovered the myth, the lost world of Atlantis, and talked about where in the world we thought it could be from all the evidence we collected. To help us with locating it, we had to learn the names of the main 7 seas and oceans. We also challenged ourselves and developed our atlas skills by using the index to locate others seas and oceans. Atlantis as it turns out, is not so easy to find!





In science, we love working outside! We went on a scavenger hunt to collect living and non-living things from our school environment.