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Year 4 / 5

Welcome to Year 4/5

Hello and welcome to Year 4/5 .

Year 4/5 is made up of collection of wonderful children taught by Miss Riding and supported during the week by teaching assistants Mrs Neil, Mrs Bevan, Miss Hennesey and Mrs Davey.


Throughout the year our class will be developing their resilience, perseverance, teamwork and cooperation, respect and communication, motivation and curiosity, self-confidence and esteem and independence allowing them to reach their goals.


Your parental support in this journey is invaluable. Your child will be expected to bring their reading book home every day and return it to school the following day. Regular reading is essential in building a child's reading stamina - how long they can read for maintaining focus and understanding. They could read to you, a sibling or to themselves and they should read a variety of different texts from newspapers to poems. This way they should find something they really love to read.


Your child will also bring home their spelling journal on a Tuesday and Thursday to practise the spellings they have been learning in class. You can help them by playing games like hangman or testing them. Children need lots of repetition when learning to spell.


On a Friday, your child will bring home a piece of Maths and/or English homework revising or practising something from class which will be due in the following Thursday. They will be given clear instructions before leaving school but if they struggle, please write a note in their home-school diary and encourage them to talk to a member of classroom staff. They are also welcome to attend the weekly Year 4/5 homework club after school on a Wednesday to complete their homework with adult guidance. 


Year 4/5 have PE on a Wednesday and your child must have a full and proper kit in school for their PE lessons. 

Our first half term book winners! I can't wait to see what Abigail cooks and hear all about James's adventure book!

Autumn Celebration

Year 4/5 have had a fantastic day celebrating Autumn. We have learnt about how harvest is celebrated in Indonesia.

We learnt that rice is a very important crop and Indonesians eat it with nearly every meal. So we made Nasi Gorang - a delicious rice stir fry with onion, garlic, chilli, cabbage and rice. Look at us diving in - it was delicious! We also planted some onion bulbs in the raised beds, so next time we make it, we can hopefully use our home-grown onions. We then learnt that to protect their rice crops, Indonesian farmers make models of the goddess Dewi Sri. Look at our colourful goddesses. We also made some fantastic Autumn wreath crowns.