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Year 2

Year 2


Welcome to our class, our class teacher is Miss Suthers. 
We currently have 29 children in our class and are supported by Miss Stokes, Mrs Holden, Mrs Lee and Mrs Barrie. 


On a Friday, your child will bring home a piece of Maths and/or English homework practising something from class and should be returned on Monday.


Home Readers and Free Readers are monitored every Monday and Thursday. Please make sure you are reading regularly and read the same book at least twice so children can develop fluency. 


Your child will also bring home their Spelling Journal on a Tuesday and Thursday to practise the spellings they have been learning in class. Please remember to bring this back for the next day!


PE is on a Monday, please ensure your child has a full kit in school for their PE lessons. 


Please remember to bring your book bag into school every day!





Autumn Celebrations October 2020


Year 2 have had a super day celebrating Autumn and Harvest. We have learnt how people in Africa celebrate Harvest! We learnt that a Yam (similar to a sweet potato) is a staple food native to Africa and Asia! We researched how they celebrate the Yam Festival and even made Yam Muffins! We also planted some Snowdrops in the raised beds, created our own Autumnal Wreaths and even decorated pumpkins! 






Wreath Making


Decorating a pumpkin


Planting Snowdrops

Baking Yam Muffins