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Year 4/5

Mrs Thornley is the class Teacher and is supported by Mrs Harris, Mrs Davey and Mrs Procter.  There are currently 26 children in this class.

The children have PE on Monday and Wednesday and need their PE kit in school on these days.

The children have daily opportunities to change their own reading book overseen on a weekly basis to ensure the children are taking advantage of this.

Homework is handed out on Monday to be returned completed on Thursday.  The class homework club runs from 3-15 - 4-30 on Wednesday.


Everyone has settled well into the Yr 4/5 class. This term we have been very involved in our History topic - the Anglo - Saxons and I am sure the children will continue to share a keen interest as we extend into the Viking Era. The children enjoyed learning all about the Saxon invasions; researching place names that still exist today that originated in Saxon times; discovering facts about the Saxon lifestyle including Saxon houses, Pagan beliefs and entertainment. In literacy the children have been learning about two legendary figures of the Saxon times - King Arthur and Beowulf and were particularly enthusiastic at performing the story of Beowulf. The story of Diwali was a focus for our RE this term and we linked this both with our literacy and ICT. The children posed and took images with digital cameras to produce stills which they then uploaded and added captions to in order to produce their own version of the story. As part of our Science studies this term we have been looking at plant and animal lifecycles. The children enjoyed helping to conserve the pond area of the School and going on a leaf scavenger hunt identifying various leaves. The collected leaves were then used in Art tapestries for the window along the theme of Autumn. The children have learnt why leaves change colour in Autumn, researched various animals that hibernate or migrate and explored which animals and plants you expext to see in Autumn as part of our Year 4/5 Autumn Watch. Extra activities the class have been involved in this term have been the design and making of our class scarecrow and a most memorable harvest festival!