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Year 1


 Hello and Welcome to Year 1/2K.

 Mrs.Kelly is our class teacher and there are 25 children in our class. We are helped by Mrs.Halshaw, Mrs.Procter, Miss.Lord,

 and Miss.Stokes. P.E. is on Wednesday and Thursdays. Homework and spelling are given out Fridays to be returned on   Mondays. Home reading books are changed and sent home on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Library books are changed  on Tuesdays.

 This half term we have been out in the Forest school area developing skills in working as a team and solving puzzles. Here

 are some photos of us at work outside      

    It has been a busy start to the half term in Year1/2K. We have been learning all about dinosaurs. We have also learnt about     Mary Anning who found a gigantic fish fossil called an ichthyosaurus. We then made our own pretend fossils by making marks

  in clay to look like dinosaur bones.

  In English we have been reading and writing stories that repeat. We enjoyed reading the Gingerbread Man and we really 

  enjoyed making and decorating Gingerbread Men.

  We have designed our dinosaur models out of junk material. It took us along time to make them but we were really pleased

   with the results.

  As part of our design technology work we have made moving dinosaur pictures. First we had to choose our favourite 

  dinosaur and then we had to colour a background. Then we made a slider so that the dinosaur moved through the picture.

  During Seasons and Plants week we enjoyed an Autumn walk around the school grounds. We collected lots of natural

  autumn leaves, seeds and flowers. We used them to make Autumn faces which looked great. We also enjoyed making

  our class scarecrows based on the story ' The Scarecrows Wedding' by Julia Donaldson.

Autumn 2nd Half Term

  It has been a busy start to this half term in our class. Our theme this half term is Space and we have been learning about the

  first journeys into space and first moon landing. We really enjoyed History Day when we learnt about different times through 

  history and the astronaut Neil Armstrong. We came to school in fantastic costumes as you can see from the pictures below.

   The children have really enjoyed rehearsing our Christmas concert 'Christmas with the aliens'. Our class were camels

   and enjoyed singing and dancing to the our song.

  It has been another busy time in our class this Spring term. We have been out in the Forest School developing our map

  reading skills.

  In food technology we have learnt how to prepare food by grating, peeling and chopping.We made a lovely vegetable

  salad, which some of us enjoyed.

  As part of our work on writing instructions we have followed and written instructions of how to make a finger puppet.

  Here are the fabulous results.

  It has been another busy half term in Year 1. The children loved coming to school in red clothes for Red Nose Day. We also 

  enjoyed making our money boxes. The children decided they wanted to save for an Easter party and saved lots of money.

  They had a great time making sandwiches, chocolate Easter nests and Bunny ears for the party. We had an Easter egg hunt, 

   played pass the parcel and Easter corners and other party games. Then we enjoyed the party food we had made. We had

   some money left over so the children are going to buy some toys for wet play times too.

Summer Term

  We had a fantastic STEM session where we used programming software to make our Lego models move. We had to make a 

  ride for Lego figures and then we wrote an algorithm to make it turn, go faster and slower, make sounds and repeat.

   We had a great trip to Brockalls Country park. The weather was beautiful and we learnt lots of interesting facts about

   mini-beasts. We went into the woods, pond dipping, used binoculars and catching butterflies.

  We started growing bean plants in class at the start of the summer term. After a few weeks the children took them home

  to continue to look after them and watch them grow. Here is Tyler's plant which has grown really tall! If your plant has grown

  as well please send a picture into school.