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Year 5

Hello and Welcome to Year 5!

Our Class Teacher is Mr Smith and we are helped this year by Mrs Davey, Miss Stokes,  Mrs Harris, Mrs Barry and Mrs Smithies. We are a strong team of children, all working together to achieve our potential.

At the beginning of the year we created a class agreement, which we all agreed to stick to. Our class agreement is as follows; 

We have the right to; We have the responsibility to;  Class rules that will help. 

1. Learn                             1. Do my best                         1. Keep on task and be organised for lessons. 

2. Be heard                       2. Listen to others                   2. Follow instructions and listen while other speak.

3. Be safe                         3. Look out for others              3. Use equipment with care and keep our hands to ourselves. 

4. Be respected               4. Treat others with respect    4. Encourage, never put down. be courteous and polite.

5. Use school property    5. Respect school property    5. Treat our classroom with care and tidy up after ourselves. 

If we maintain this agreement then we should keep working towards our potential but we should enjoy ourselves at the same time! 


PE is on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon, with Miss Tighe and Mr Smith (remember to give 110%. It only pays off when to try and). If you take you PE kit home, make sure you bring it back for the sessions. 


Homework is given out on a Monday and is due in Friday morning. Homework Club is on Tuesday after school with Mrs Davey and Mrs Tighe and consists of a given activity based on the maths or literacy topic we are studying that week. Alternatively, it may be based on other topics we are studying. However, extra research on the topics is always welcomed. 


Reading books and diaries are due in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning (even if it doesn't need changing). Don't forget to have your Diary signed!!


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