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Year 5F

Welcome to Year 5!

Year 5 is taught by me, Mrs Fulforth, and I am supported by a wonderful team of teaching assistants!


This school year will be full of new exciting challenges and themes to support our learning! To help everyone to adjust and to settle in to their new class, please take note of the following information about our weekly routine. 



Physical Education:

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. 

It is very important that children are equipped with their kit for all of their PE lessons and that those who wear earrings can either take them out or cover them up with protective tape.




We love reading together and rewarding independent reading in our class! Children are expected to bring their book and reading record to school everyday. This will help them to gain organisational skills which they will need in the very near future when they transition to high school. All children have been organised into an author team group and their reading diaries will be monitored once every week (a sticker on the front of their reading diary will remind them which is their day to be checked). If staff can see that children are reading regularly and are signing their book, showing what page they are up to, then they will achieve a team point for their whole school author group. At the end of the term, the author group with the most tokens wins a prize!




Homework will be given out on Friday and will be due to be handed in the following Wednesday

Children can attend homework club on Mondays.

Spring Term

Our theme this term is 'Ancient Worlds'. Watch this space to see what we get up to!

Outdoor Learning Session - Rangoli Patterns

This term we have been learning all about the Hindu faith and celebrations - specifically Holi festival. During this time, we have learnt that Hindus celebrate the story of Prahlad and Lord Vishnu by creating huge bonfires, where they give offerings to the gods, and by throwing bright powder at one another to celebrate how colourful life is! Hindus also celebrate by creating beautiful Rangoli patterns, using geometrical shapes and take inspiration from the nature around them. We headed out into our Forest School area one afternoon to create some of our own with a twist - we used natural resources and things we found in the area to create them. I think you will agree that they are gorgeous! 

Our Visit from Professor Tuesday - Ancient Greek Workshop

We have recently had a visit from the brilliant Professor Tuesday, who taught us all about Ancient Greece and shared with us the stories of old! We had a great time acting out myths and legends - even role playing as the dreaded Minotaur beast of Knossos! Professor Tuesday explained all about democracy in ancient Greece and shared her knowledge of how the Greeks changed the world we live in today. We cannot wait to keep learning more about this fascinating era!

Our Visit from Sculptor - Neil Wood

Today we had a visitor from Neil Wood a professional sculptor who works regularly with different materials including iron, stainless steel, and bronze. He has been commissioned by lots of different places including schools, local councils and universities. He helped us to create some fantastic relief sculpture, using the press, mold and cast method, based around our theme of Ancient Greece. We used recycled materials to carve out the design onto clay and then used plaster of Paris to create a solid tile.

We had a lovely time with Neil and have learnt a lot about the skills required to be budding sculptors – we can’t wait to use our new skills in our Art lessons next half term.

Autumn Term

Our First theme this year is 'Festivals of Colour'. Watch this space to see what we get up to!

Our Simchat Torah Experience

Last week, Year 5 have been learning about Judaism, looking at their place of worship, religious artefacts and traditional Jewish celebrations. On Friday we celebrated Simchat Torah the festival that marks the end of one whole year reading the Torah every Saturday (Shabbat) in Synagogue. 


The children were fantastic and really got into the spirit of things, nobody more so than our fantastic Rabbi Finleigh!

We celebrated with blessings, music, dancing and even a sweet treat at the end!