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Some of the home learning sent in by 5H!

This week's change in the ReadTheory leader board!

WINNER! 1st Kade Porter - 3508 KP

2nd Jenica Shi - 3248 KP

3rd Nieve McArdle - 2703 KP


Well done! Your Prize will be waiting for you on return to school! 


Hi everybody! I can’t believe it’s the last week of the school year already! This will definitely be a school year to remember!

As usual, your weekly home learning activities for writing and maths are here on our class page. Our summer term spelling are also here and new activities are ready on your purple mash accounts.

Summer has quickly arrived, and many of us are ready for a break after lots of hard work. Over Summer, for those who are keen to keep going, will still be active and you will still be able to log in to purple mash to access all of the games/activities online as well as our class blog! You also have access to Times Tables Rock stars. Have a great summer!


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Spelling activity


Read Theory

Writing Task


Maths Activity

White Rose

Summer Theme research activity/practical activities/

exercise/forest school activities/purple mash/TTRS



CHANGES: As of this week, White Rose Maths have started to revise the learning first covered at the start of school closures in order to help children to secure their understanding whilst not in school, therefore this week's lessons may look a bit familiar. You can therefore choose to revise this learning, or if you feel you were confident in those activities last time, you can choose to access the 'Alternative maths worksheets/lessons' file below.


Further down the page you will find some new science activities for you to keep you entertained!

Spelling Practise for Summer Term

Read Theory

Class code: YKG15K1L

When first setting your child up on ReadTheory, they will be required to answer a few mixed level multiple choice questions to assess what level of comprehension activities they need, so it is vital that they are not supported with this element of the set up process so that the programme can choose appropriate texts/questions for your child, do tell them not to worry if unsure, the programme is just trying to figure out each individual child! After that, children can access daily comprehension practise where they will earn points for their efforts and successes. Teachers will be able to monitor children's progress online, so keep busy!


Writing Task

You will find a new weekly plan for your writing tasks here on the class web page each week. It will explain your daily task for you to work through. Each week will have a different focus. This week we are learning about Space! Make sure you think about the writing skills we have been practising in school and try to apply them so that you don't forget them! 


White Rose Home Learning (Maths)

To enable your child to continue their maths learning, we are encouraging children to access home learning maths videos modelled by teaching professionals by accessing the following link and selecting the appropriate year group.

After watching the video lesson, children can practise their learning using the worksheets attached. You can use the answer sheets to see how successful they were. We understand that not everyone will have a printer to print the resources, and we are doing our best to offer as much support as we can in the current circumstances. If able, children can do the practise tasks on paper and then open the answers to check their successes in the same way as they would if printed.


Summer Theme Research Activity

Our theme for the Summer term is 'Inspirational People'. As part of this theme, Year 5 will be learning about the famous Leonardo Da Vinci. In order to gain prior knowledge about him, I would like you to do some research to see what interesting facts you can gather about Leonardo Da Vinci. You can choose how to present your findings e.g. a poster, information booklet, creating a model or art related to the person, an autobiography, you choose! I'll look forwards to hearing what exciting things you have discovered when we all return back to school!

Lancashire School Games Stay at Home Programme

Log ins for Purple Mash and Times Tables Rockstars were sent home in learning packs from before Easter.

Please encourage your child to read regularly e.g. before bed, and continue to comment in their home diary.


Further website links and parent support:

Welcome to 5H! Year 5 will be taught by myself, Miss Hoey and will be supported by our helpful teaching assistants, Mrs Davey, Mrs Tighe and Mrs Barrie. Our PE sessions will be carried out on Wednesdays and children will be expected to have a full school PE kit available each week as part of their school uniform. 


Homework folders will be sent home on a Friday and will contain spelling practise, maths homework and a writing/grammar task. Homework folders should be returned by Wednesday. It is vital that children are encouraged to complete and return their homework on time in order to prepare them for their transition into Y6 and the increased workload at high school in the near future. In addition to this, encouraging your child to read at home will benefit them massively as this year we will be working on  reading for endurance and speed. To give them a helping hand along the way, regular encouragement to read and discussing or questioning them about what they are reading would be really beneficial and much appreciated!

Autumn Term - Festivals of Colour


This term Thorn will be focusing on religions and festivals around the world. As part of this theme, Y5 will be delving into Judaism and its yearly celebration of Simchat Torah. Watch this space for updates on what we get up to!


Our lovely Jewish visitor - Amy

Autumn 1 Topic Overview

As part of out theme, we have been exploring the Jewish religion and the festival Simchat Torah. We have researched suitable kosher foods which would be appropriate to cook as part of celebrating Simchat Torah festival. As a result, we have cooked our own cheesy potato latkes! They were a cheesy delight!

Simchat Torah - Cheesy Potato Latkes

Year 5 have been learning about teeth and digestion. We know about the types of teeth we have and what movements they make. We have also looked at teeth in animals and have started to understand how their teeth types can teach us about their diet! Today we learnt what happens after our teeth have crushed our food, by acting out the the rest of the jobs in the digestive system! 

From food to faeces!

Wow how lucky are we! Our fabulous support assistant, Mrs Davey, has treated us this afternoon! She has harvested the potatoes out of the Y5 planter and has cooked them into a delectable vegetable soup for us to enjoy! We are all ready for Harvest!

Harvest Soup!

Our school has had an amazing visit from a group of children from the Bethany project! They were really humbling and made us appreciate the things that we have and that we should be grateful for the loves ones around us. Their choir was absolutely amazing! Have a look below!

The Bethany Project choir

Y5 had a ball at the KS2 Christmas party! We played pass the parcel, Christmas corners and Miss Hoey's favourite, THE CHOCOLATE GAME! Take a peek at some of our photos!