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The 'class code' to help set your child up to their class account on '' is R683V6N2.

When first setting your child up on ReadTheory, they will be required to answer a few mixed level multiple choice questions to assess what level of comprehension activities they need, so it is vital that they are not supported with this element of the set up process so that the programme can choose appropriate texts/questions for your child, do tell them not to worry if unsure, the programme is just trying to figure out each individual child! After that, children can access daily comprehension practise where they will earn points for their efforts and successes. Teachers will be able to monitor children's progress online, so keep busy!


Summer Theme Research Activity

Our theme for the Summer term is 'Inspirational People'. As part of this theme, Year 5 will be learning about the famous Leonardo Da Vinci. In order to gain prior knowledge about him, I would like you to do some research to see what interesting facts you can gather about Leonardo Da Vinci. You can choose how to present your findings e.g. a poster, information booklet, creating a model or art related to the person, an autobiography, you choose! I'll look forwards to hearing what exciting things you have discovered when we all return back to school!


Log ins for Purple Mash and Times Tables Rockstars were sent home in learning packs from before Easter.

Please encourage your child to read regularly e.g. before bed, and continue to comment in their home diary.


Further website links and parent support:

White Rose Video Links 1.6.20

CHANGES: Up to now, White Rose have enabled everyone to access their online resources. As of 11/5/20, parents will only be able to access the lesson videos on their website, but not to worry as I have uploaded the worksheets and answers to our class page so that you can carry on as normal!

English Week 2 Deadly Creatures

Hello Y5/6B and Parents!


Hi everybody, we hope you are all following the Government guidelines to stay safe until school reopens and that you have enjoyed your Easter Break and eaten loads of chocolate!  Please visit this page regularly in order to check for updates on continued home learning support.


From Monday 20th April, please guide your children to work through the following activities in order to keep their brains active and to make the transition back to school as easy as possible for them. Further guidance can be found below.


Well done all of you who have completed Purple Mash and SPAGonline activities - I have been keeping track and sending you messages. If you have lost your logins, don't forget to contact school.


Remember, do what you can, don't worry if things go wrong, tomorrow is another day but most of all, enjoy being together as a family and learn together.


Missing you all. Take care and I'll see you on the other side.


Mrs Boulton x


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Spelling activity


Read Theory

Writing Task


Maths Activity

White Rose

Summer Theme research activity/practical activities/

exercise/forest school activities/purple mash/TTRS


Lancashire School Games Stay at Home Programme

Welcome to 5/6B! Year 5/6 will be taught by myself, Mrs Boulton and will be supported by our helpful teaching assistants, Mrs Davey and Mrs Lee. Our PE sessions will be carried out on Wednesdays and children will be expected to have a full school PE kit available each week as part of their school uniform. 


Homework folders will be sent home on a Friday and will contain spelling practise, maths homework and a writing/grammar task. Homework folders should be returned by Wednesday.


Homework club is on Tuesday at 3.15pm. If you want to join, see Mrs Davey.


It is vital that children are encouraged to complete and return their homework on time in order to prepare them for their transition into Y6 and the increased workload at high school in the near future. In addition to this, encouraging your child to read at home will benefit them massively as this year we will be working on reading for endurance and speed.


To give them a helping hand along the way, regular encouragement to read and discussing or questioning them about what they are reading would be really beneficial and much appreciated!

Autumn Term - Festivals of Colour


This term Thorn will be focusing on religions and festivals around the world. As part of this theme, Y5/6 will be delving into Judaism and its yearly celebration of Simchat Torah. Watch this space for updates on what we get up to!

Autumn 1 Topic Overview

Our Jewish Visitor

This week, Amy came to visit. She told us what life was like living in a Jewish household.

Autumn blog by Grace and Issy

We were visited by The Bethany Choir from Tanzania - they were amazing!

We finished the term off with a visit to the Pantomime at Blackburn to see Aladdin. We had great fun!

We also had a fantastic Christmas party! In class, we had a competition to see who could plan the best table.

Spring Term Ancient Worlds

This term we will be studying Ancient Greece in History along with Hindu Dharma, Law and Order in PSHE and Sculpture in Art to name a few. We are looking forward to a visit from Lazy Mondays, who will be carrying out a Music workshop based on Ancient Greece.

As part of our topic we have created group dance phrases based on stories we have learnt about in History and English.

Battle of Marathon

Still image for this video
THE BATTLE OF MARATHON It is a well known battle across the lands - against the Persians and the Athenians.Obviously Athens were outnumbered but how did they still be victories and beat the Persians? BY Lily,Aidan,Lacey R,Layla,Scarlet,Grace,Kadey-Lee and Ethan C.

What would we do without the Ancient Greeks?

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We were treated to a Music Workshop with the Lazy Mondays. We composed a song which included melodies, a bridge and rapping. It was a really fun day.