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Year 4

Home Learning Week Commencing 29th June 2020


Hello Year 4B, we have just three weeks left of this year before you move onto Year 5! Even though this year has been a little different, you have still made me so proud of your efforts to keep learning and for making yourself better. I have a pretty cool idea for this week - why don't we try and gain some Blue Peter badges as a class and see how many we can get? 


6 Badges of Summer 

Over six weeks in June and July, they will be celebrating a different Blue Peter badge a week and you can send in your photographs and videos. The badges are as follows: Green Badge Week is how to save the planet, Sport Badge Week makes you get active, Music Badge Week is to join in on a music festival, Blue Badge Week is to say thank you for this special week, Purple Badge Week is for joining the Super Fan Celebration of Blue Peter and finally, Silver Badge Week is to try something new!

See below for some ideas on what tasks you can do at home to complete each week. Remember to send your videos and photographs to Blue Peter but also to me as I still want to see the fantastic things you are doing at home.  

Year 4B


Hello! I hope you all had a fun-filled Easter break and have enjoyed lots of chocolate and sunshine. Equally, I hope you and your family are all keeping well and are coping as best you can in these uncertain times. I am always thinking about you all and I do miss seeing your happy faces every day. Well done to all of you who are doing home learning with their families, going on Times Tables Rockstars and completing tasks on Purple Mash. I have put together some learning activities for you to work on and enjoy whilst you're staying at home. I know it can be difficult to be motivated to complete work at home so I have tried to include a range of activities for you to choose from. Remember, complete a little bit each day so it doesn't feel like you're doing too much and it will keep your learning fresh. 



9-9:15am 9:15-9:45am 9:45-10:45am 11-12pm 1-1:45pm 2-3pm



Reading Writing Maths Topic Topic



You can continue to learn the spellings we have previously learnt in class or the ones you had had in your homework packs. Below, there are the words that you need to know by the end of Year 4. Please practise them in the ways we have done in class; missing vowels or consonants or pyramid words. I have also added spelling games/tasks to Purple Mash.



BBC Bitesize and the Red Button will host Bitesize Daily. These are a range of videos throughout the curriculum which provide input to the children and they are being updated weekly so there will be lots of variety. Make sure you click the English link to access the grammar activities.



(LKS2 Reading Grid.doc)

Read Theory - Online Differentiated Comprehensions

Class code: B7WEJOPF


When you first join Read Theory, you will be required to answer a few mixed level multiple choice questions to assess what level of comprehension activities you need, so it is vital that you do this bit yourself so that the programme can choose appropriate texts/questions for you. After that, you can access daily comprehension practise where you will earn points for your efforts and successes. I have also attached a LKS2 Reading Grid below with extra activities on should you not want to complete or sign up to Read Theory. I am looking forward to seeing how you are doing, so keep busy!



(English Unit.doc)

For the writing tasks, I will be uploading our new English units weekly. Please see attachments below named English Unit. We are going to be focussing on the text of The Train to Impossible Places. All the information you need is on the document with the tasks already set out and examples provided if needed.



(LKS2 Maths Grid.doc)

To enable you to continue your maths learning, I would really like you to access home learning maths videos modelled by teachers by accessing the link below and selecting the appropriate age group (if you are in Sapphire 1 and 2, you must select Year 4). Remember, learning from home should be fun so please have a go at everything and mistakes are the first step in learning.


The website provides 4 weeks of maths videos which all start with a starter activity, revisiting skills practised in previous lessons, therefore it is important that you work through the lessons in the order which they are uploaded in. After the video, there are worksheets for you to work through with answers to support. I understand that not everyone has a printer so you can complete the tasks on paper you have at home. In addition to that, I have also placed a Maths Learning Grid in the documents section for if you wish to complete extra.



See below a range of documents which include grids of learning for you to complete at home, they include Geography, Science, PE and more. You can complete any of these tasks in the topic time of the day and you only need to complete two stars a day, preferably the stars should be from different grids. 


Miss Britland's Weekly Challenge

Each week, I will be uploading a new, fun challenge for you to complete at home. Remember to be creative and imaginative with your challenge. If you wish to upload a picture to Purple Mash to show me what you have done, please label it 'Miss Britland's Weekly Challenge' - I look forward to seeing your efforts. 


Week one

Below are examples of pictures that have the use of a household item. You could choose anything; string, clothes pegs, fruit, coat hangers or pens; the list is endless. The only catch is, you have to create a picture using drawing around your household item. Fo example, the penguin picture (top left) uses the top of a can and the fly (top right) uses a set of earphones etc. Get creative Year 4B!


Year 4B's Weekly Challenge Entries. 


Lucy D


Maddie F


Week Two

This week has a similar theme to last week but you only need one household item; scissors. Please be careful and always make sure you have an adult next to you. Same rules as last week!

Below are some examples to inspire your own creation.


Year 4B's Weekly Challenge Entries.




Harvey and Lilly





Week Three

This week we have a new focus. House of Cards! The challenge will take some skill. Find a pack of cards (doesn't matter what cards they are!). Can you build a house of cards form them? How many tiers can you make?

Remember to take a picture and send to our school email address. I look forward to seeing your creations! 



Useful Information

Welcome to Year 4B's class page. This year, Y4B will be taught by myself, Miss Britland and we will be supported by our brilliant teaching assistants; Mrs Lees, Mrs Harris, Mrs Tighe, Mrs Neil and Mrs Barrie.

Homework will be given out every Friday to be collected in the following Thursday. It will contain one piece of Maths, one piece of English (grammar or comprehension) and spellings. Homework Club is available for Year 4B on a Wednesday after school - this runs all year round, if you wish to join, just ask for a letter. 

Reading books will be checked and changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is strongly encouraged that children read for 10 minutes everyday as this helps their fluency, vocabulary and comprehension of different texts. 

Year 4B have PE every Monday and Thursday so children will need full kit in school for those times.

Spring Term - January to April



In history, we have focused on ordering key historic eras on a timeline and learning about the Shang Dynasty era, for example; the beliefs and society of the era, the oracle bones and completing an investigation into Fu Hao's tomb.









In science, we are learning all about different states of matter; solids, liquids and gases. We are going to explore and investigate the different properties of the states of matter, what things affect the state of matter and also we are going to be sorting, grouping and classifying everyday items into these categories. 









Forest Schools

In Forest Schools, we explored all the different ways of lashing and weaving to create different textures and layers to our art work.







World Book Day!

We had such a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day, all the children looked brilliant in their costumes! We had lots of fun activities planned, including creating our favourite book characters on potatoes.