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Year 6

Hello and Welcome to Year 6

Our Class Teachers are Mrs Boulton and Miss Riding. There are 34 children in our class aged 10-11 and we live on the top corridor!


Year 6 can be a very stressful year with SATs and transition to Secondary School but there are lots of fun and exciting things going on aswell. We will keep you up to date with our blogs.


PE is on Wednesdays with Mrs Carter and Miss Tighe.


Homework Club is on Mondays after school with Mrs Davey and Mrs Smith.

Homework is given out on Fridays and collected in on Tuesdays. Mustn't forget to have our Diaries signed weekly!!


Have you seen the Kid's Zone? Check out lots of games, activities and information.


This year's Themes are:

Autumn Term: Ancient Worlds

Spring Term: Water Worlds

Summer Term: Future Worlds

Autumn Term at Thorn by Elizabeth Green

African Drumming Workshop

African Masks inspired by Benin Art

Who do you think it is?

We looked at Benin Masks during our History topic then used this evidence to design our own.

Spring Term in Year 6

SATS Practice!

SATS week is 14th to 17th May 2018


Check out these websites and smash the SATs!


Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling practice -

Woodlands Junior School Website -

IXL Learning -

BBC Bitesize








We had an Electricity Workshop, where we learnt all about circuits and symbols, conductors and insulators, motors and buzzers. Using circuit boards, we tested the flow of electricity and were able to troubleshoot errors.

We also learnt about the journey of electricity distribution from power station to home.


Our Bacup Illuminations

Heartstart Workshop. As part of our science, we have been learning about the circulation system and were lucky enough to be visited by the Heartstart team who taught us basic CPR, recovery position and other first responses.

Upbeats Music Workshop June 2018