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Year 6

Welcome to year 6! 


Y6 is taught by me, Mrs Wood, alongside Mrs Thomas who will join us on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays! On Thursdays and Fridays, we are supported by a range of lovely teaching assistants. This school year will be full of new challenges and themes to support our learning! As a team, we will work hard to ready ourselves to tackle our end of KS2 SATS assessment, whilst also having fun, making our final year at Thorn a great one! To help everyone to adjust and to settle in to the new class, please take note of the following information about our weekly routine. 



Our PE days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is very important that children are equipped with their kit for all of their PE lessons and that those who wear earrings can either take them out or cover them up with protective tape.



We love reading together and rewarding independent reading in our class! Children are expected to bring their free reader and their reading record to school everyday. This will help them to gain the organisation skills which they will need in the very near future when they transition to high school. All children have been organised into an author team group and their reading diaries will be monitored once every week (a sticker on the front of their reading diary will remind them which is their day to be checked). If staff can see that children are reading regularly and are signing their book, showing what page they are up to, then they will achieve a team point for their whole school author group. At the end of the term, the author group with the most tokens wins a prize!


Homework club:


Our homework club will be on Mondays, straight after school. Our homework will be fun activities that are linked to each terms theme work.


Our Learning:


Our First theme this year is 'Festivals of Colour'. Watch this space to see what we get up to!


Festivals of Colour!

Our Visit from a buddhist monk!

As part of our RE learning, we were lucky enough to have a visit to our classroom from a buddhist monk! We were able to interview him about his experiences and get some real life insight into finding enlightenment! He spoke to us about the 5 moral precepts and the three universal truths.

The Eight-Fold Path - 'Right Meditation'

Today, we explored Prince Siddharta's 'Eight-Fold Path', which Buddhists believe will help them to eliminate 'Dukkha' (suffering) from their lives. One of these steps is called 'Right Meditation'. To experience this, we carried out our own meditation session to discover how this could help to us to re-focus and to help us feel calm and content with life. What a relaxing afternoon!

Jam Coding Sessions - Computer Programming!

DT - Christmas Nativity Scenes

Panto Pandemonium!

What a night we have had at our annual KS2 Christmas performance!

Y6 had a great time taking on the role of different pantomime characters including Aladdin, Cinderella and her ugly step-sisters, Jack and the Giant, the 7 dwarves and our very own pantomime cow! Our wicked team of The Witch and her minions, Spotty and Grotty were AMAZING! Our 4 main characters - the school children - had a great time jumping into each pantomime to retrieve the magical items. And to top it off, we had a magical good fairy who was so brave, she sang a solo! Well done Y6!

Christingle 2023

Ancient Worlds!

Y6 were treated to a visit from a historian - Professor Tuesday - as part of our theme work, and what a good time we had! We learnt so much about the time line of Ancient Islamic Civilisation, the Caliphs and the different parts that they played in history as well as learning about why the city was designed and built in a circle shape. We are excited to take our new learning and continue with this back in class! Watch this space to see what we get up to!

We kicked off our Romeo and Juliet literacy unit learning about fight scenes and how to build tension. Here we are in reading, creating out own tense action scene freeze frames inspired by the West Side Story!

World Book Day! Our visit from the poet, Shaun Perkins!

Secret Garden

We smashed SATS! Well done Y6! Time for a SATS party!