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Year 1 / 2

Welcome to Year 1/2


Welcome to our class, we are excited to get to know all the children and begin our exciting new year of learning. Our class is made up of 27 children and will be taught by Mrs Johnson. Supporting our class this year are some amazing teaching assistants.


A little bit of information about routines in our class:

Homework: will be sent home on a Friday and needs to be returned by Monday, this will be something that links to your child's learning that week and will be matched to their ability.

Reading books: will be sent home every day and will need to returned the next morning. We encourage all children to read regularly at home with a grown up, please can you then ensure the reading records are signed so we can see that the book has been read. Children will bring home a phonetically decodable reading book, which they should be able to read with some independence alongside a free choice book to enjoy with family. It is very important that the children re-read the same book regularly, as they need to see sounds and words again and again to transfer into their long-term memory.


PE: Our PE time is on a Monday and Thursday afternoon so please ensure there is a full PE kit in school.




Festivals of Colour

During the Festivals of Colour theme, the children learnt all about the country of India. The children loved exploring the different types of foods that are eaten in India and enjoyed creating their own yoghurt dips by grating, peeling and cutting vegetables. The children learnt all about the religion of Hinduism and they built their own shrine with the objects they learnt were important to Hindus, the children also learnt the qualities of the different Hindu Gods and Godesses.

ICT- Beebots

As part of our ICT, the children loved learning about how to give verbal instructions to control the Beebots. They learnt how to move the Beebots from one side of a mat to the other by using clear instructions such as left, right, forwards and backwards. They then used this learning on Purple Mash where they had to build instructions in order to move objects in the correct sequence.

Ancient Worlds

During this half term, we will be learning all about Castles and how they have changed over time. The children will be exploring the different parts of a castle and linking this learning to castles which are closest to Bacup. The children will learn about the jobs which people did in a castle and how these are different to the types of jobs we can do in the present day.

Our Clitheroe Castle Visit

On Friday 26th January Year 1/2J visited Citheroe Castle. We had a fantastic day and the children were a credit to our school. In the morning, the children explored making a Motte and Bailey castle with sand, they learnt the names for the different parts and made their designs unique. The children were taken on a tour of the castle and learnt about how knights would defend the castle when it was under attack. In the afternoon, we explored the museum, the children were fascinated by the artefacts that they could see and they explored the interactive displays. Before we returned home, the children had fun on Clitheroe Castle Park, it was lovely to see the children so happy and engaged with all the new things they had learnt.