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Year 1/2

Hello and Welcome to Year 1/2C.

Mr.Cockett is our class teacher and there are 26 children in our class. We are helped by Mrs.Halshaw, Mrs.Procter, Miss.Lord and Miss.Townley. P.E. is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (Swimming). Homework and spelling are given out Fridays to be returned on Mondays. Home reading books are changed Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Library books are changed on Thursdays.

Autumn Term

We started the year visiting our forest schools area. Here we worked hard to develop a range of schools. Using trust, communication and teamwork to produce our representation of trees in Autumn.

Knights and Castles

Our first topic was knights and castles. We worked hard to understand why castles were needed and we now have a good understanding of the different parts of a castle. We decided to make our own castles to show what we have learnt.

Our halloween disco

Spring Term

This term we have re-visited our forest school area to discover the mysteries of nature. We studied different leaves, comparing their colour, shape and size. We used our understanding of the four seasons to think about why the leaves were different colours, discussing when and why leaves fall from a tree.

Our Leaf Hunt

We have used our understanding of map reading and problem solving to discover where a pirate had hidden his treasure.

Discovering Our Treasure

In PE we have used our theme of pirates to create a range of dances. We have tried to think about what a pirate would need to do throughout his or her day.

Pirate Poses

We have joined the school to  dress up as our favourite character from a book.

World Book Day

As the snow had gone, we decided to learn about the growth of a flower. We chose to observe a create our own daffodils.

Our Daffodil Observations

We have used our knowledge of instructions to write how to bake cupcakes. We had to weigh, measure and mix all of our ingredients ourselves.

Following Our Own Instructions To Make Cupcakes