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Year 5 / 6

Welcome to year 5/6! 


In our class, we are taught by Miss Hoey and are supported by Mr Webster, Mrs Tighe and Mrs Jones. 


Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday. It is very important that children are equipped with their kit for all of their PE lessons and that those who wear earrings can either take them out or cover them up with protective tape.


Children are expected to bring their book bag to school everyday. This will help them to gain organisation skills which they will need in the very near future when they transition to high school. Children have been organised into their author team groups and their reading diaries will be monitored once every week. If staff can see that children are reading regularly and are signing their book, showing what page they are up to, then they will achieve a team point for their whole school author group.


Homework club:

Y5 children can attend homework club on Tuesdays.

Y6 children can attend homework club on Mondays.


Year 6 homework will be heavily completed on SATS companion which is a programme on the computer. If your child doesn't have access to a laptop or computer device at home, then please make the most of our homework club where they can use all of our school equipment to help them.



Summer Term  - Inspirational People

Our summer term is called 'Inspirational People'. We look forwards to learning about the Queen and celebrating her Platinum Jubilee! We will also be learning about Leonardo Di Vinci and Alan Turing. Our Y5 children have loved experiencing their Robin Wood residential trip and our Y6 children have been inspired by our careers convention! Keep an eye out below for photos!

WOW! Look at our amazing commemorative plates!

Spring Term - Ancient Worlds

This half term we have been enjoying learning about Ancient Greece! So far we have used our timelining skills to plot where Ancient Greece sits in our history. We enjoyed taking on the roles of different people within Athenian society to learn about what types of people would be visiting the Agora and why. We have learnt about different historical sources and have observed them to make inferences about the past. We have gained an understanding about the Battle of Marathon and how little Athens managed to overcome mighty Persia! We know that the Greeks have a great legacy and have done a lot for us including inventing the olympics, inspiring the 'marathon' and most of all kick starting democracy as we know it today!

Our Court Case Experience

Wow! How fabulous did we all look today! A great effort all around. We saw many people from history today in our classroom including Ancient Athenians, Ancient Greek criminals painted in red ready to stand in the Agora, plague doctors, Victorians. Egyptians, Abraham Lincoln, WW2 soldiers and Sir Bobby Charlton! Well done everyone!

Dissecting Flowers During Plants Week!

Autumn Term - Festivals of Colour

This terms theme has been 'Festivals of Colour'. In year 5/6 we have been focusing our learning around the Jewish religion. As part of this, we enjoyed re-enacting the Jewish festival of Simchat Torah to help us to understand, experience and to celebrate differences in religions. Take a look below to see the girls lighting the candles in preparation for the blessings, as well as the children following the Rabi (our vey own Jake), who led us in a procession around the Bima. Look at us parading and waving our Torah banners high! What fun we had! To top it off, we were even luck enough to be visited by someone who follows Judaism in her day to day life - and lucky for us, she shared some delicious Jewish foods with us, including Challah bread!

Celebrating the Jewish festival of Simchat Torah

Our Jewish Visitor



This term we have been enjoying learning about Earth and Space in Science. We had lots of fun acting out the movements of the sun, Earth and the moon and how they relate to each other. Here are some of the photos of us in action!

Earth and Space

What a treat we had today! In our class we have some amazing budding musicians and today they brought their instruments to school and gave us a little performance. We were in awe and we can't wait for them to perform again later in the year!

Y5/6 musicians

Our whole school 'festivals of colour' day.