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We took 10 of our Y6 pupils to Whitworth High School, to take part in a Y6/7 Athletics Transition Event. Our team took on various athletic challenges including Speed Bounce, Shuttle Run and Javelin Throw. Sports Leaders from Whitworth High School led us round the different challenges and we finished with some team obstacle relays, where our team ran against pupils from St Bartholemews Primary School and Whitworth High School.

We were delighted to win the award for best School Games Values. Well done to Jack Corey, Ollie Jones (Captain), Lily Walker-Knowles, Beth Jackson, Josef Hoxaj, Amelia Taylor, Harriet Tighe, Oscar Landers-Mullins, Krystal Mulcahy and Matthew Bracewell.

Once again, Mrs Stocks and Mr Goldsworthy were there to cheer on the team and even take part in a few of the events themselves. It was a great atmosphere and an experience which our pupils will remember!